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  • Weekly Stock Market Commentary 9/13/2019

    By Lawrence G. McMillan

    Once $SPX broke out over resistance at 2940, especially considering that it was a strong gap breakout, it has not looked back. There was a slight consolidation in the 2960-2980 range, and now the Index is apparently on its way to challenge the all-time highs at 3025. The chart will be bullish as long as $SPX continues to close above 2940.

    Equity-only put-call ratios continue to drop and thus they remain on the buy signals that were generated in late August.

  • Weekly Stock Market Commentary 9/6/2019

    By Lawrence G. McMillan

    $SPX has broken out above resistance at 2950, and that has changed the picture to a bullish one. There is now strong support at 2940 the top of the previous trading range that $SPX traversed six times (three up, three down) during the month of August. A close back below 2940 would be negative, because that would bring $SPX back into the trading range once again.

    Teh equity-only put-call ratios remain on buy signals, and now the Total put-call ratio has joined in with a buy signal as well.

  • More On: Protecting A Stock Portfolio With $VIX Options (15:07)

    By Lawrence G. McMillan

    This article was originally published in The Option Strategist Newsletter Volume 15, No. 7 on April 14, 2006. 

    Areader question regarding last issue’s feature article indicates that some expansion on the topic might be useful.

  • Leveraging Volatility - My Best Strategy for Today's Market

    By Lawrence G. McMillan

    I’ve just finished putting together a free Special Market Report with some of my fellow traders and investors. Inside, it’s loaded with 19 detailed strategy guides explaining our favorite techniques for leveraging today’s highly volatile markets, including my chapter on Trading the $VIX Futures Term Structure.

  • Weekly Stock Market Commentary 8/30/19

    By Lawrence G. McMillan

    Once again, $SPX has traversed the 2825 to 2950 range twice in the past week. First, it fell nearly the entire length of the range in one day (August 23rd) and then has come all the way back to the top of the range in the remaining four days. A breakout above 2950 would be bullish, but a breakdown below 2825 would be very bearish.

    In a somewhat major new development, both equity-only put-call ratios have rolled over to buy signals in the last two days.