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  • Finance Minister takes a Rs 8,000 crore quantum leap

    CEO of Greyhound Research says that it is the right time for quantum investment as companies like IBM and Google are going to be investing a tonne of money and infrastructure assets towards Asia, in countries like Japan and Singapore.

  • US IT Body, Cos sue USCIS for $350-m visa fee refund

    ITServe Alliance and 3 US staffing firms claim the US agency charged excess fee for H-1B visas. The fee, the petition contends, should only be levied on initial visa applications and not for a change of status, which happens when the employee is already working in the US.

  • Wipro, HAL in pact to make 3D-printed aircraft parts

    Wipro 3D is the first Indian company to locally develop an industry-grade metal-additive 3D-printing machine, jointly with the Indian Institution of Science. As part of the memorandum of understanding, HAL and Wipro 3D will jointly design, develop, prove out, manufacture and repair aerospace components using metal 3D- printing technology.

  • 'Non-English tweets are now 50% of the total’: Twitter India MD

    Twitter is seeing its fastest revenue growth in India in five years as the social networking platform doubles down on localising product and adding regional language content while continuing to maintain premium advertisement pricing amid stiff competition.

  • Amendment no Aadhaar for mobile wallet firms

    The high cost of logistics and setting up manual verification centres has hit mobile wallet firms hard as unlike banks, they don’t have physical infrastructure.